Holy Order Of The Golden Dawn Initiation & The Hermetic Tradition

The Golden Dawn & The Western Mystery Tradition

S.L. MacGregor MathersThe original Hermetic Golden Dawn Order and Tradition with Temples in Paris, London and throughout America and New Zealand was founded by 3 high ranking Freemasons; S. L. MacGregor Mathers, William Wynn Wescott andDr. Robert Woodman has become the most influential force in the modern rebirth of the Western Mystery Tradition, since its inception in 1888. From the neo-pagan revival to the New Age movement, the Golden Dawn’s wealth of teachings still has a profound and lasting effect on those who seek spiritualenlightenment in the western world. Today, these teachings plus true Initiation are invoked by the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn.

Initiation, Tradition & Western Mystery School

The Holy Order of the Golden Dawn provides full temple Initiation and when needed, full Astral Initiation to all sincere seekers of the Light and of truth, and we provide updated andGolden Dawn Altar picturecomprehensive grade material, personal proctoring and access to online Golden Dawn classes. In addition, as a fully initiated member of the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn, you may attend any temple or sanctuary in the world, and there are many other benefits to being part of our worldwide fraternity too numerous to mention in this brief introduction.

The Classical Golden Dawn Order

The Classical Order of the Golden Dawn current is one of thosemystical energies that cannot readily fall into a pre-defined space orsimple explanation. It is like trying to define wisdom, love and knowledge. A person in love knows when they are in love, but to define it is a task that has been delegated to philosopherswritersartists, poets and musicians.Golden Dawn Charter picture

Golden Dawn Order-Ancient & Modern Mystery School

Today, the classical Golden Dawn and the Western Mystery Tradition is brought forth through the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn, as we are sincere adept teachers and practitioners of the Western Mystery School Tradition. 

Apply online for Local or Long Distance Correspondence Membership with the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn or contact us by email or call Temple ISIS URANIA Toronto Canada: 647-930-5352.