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The Holy Order of the Golden Dawn is a true and ancient Mystery school designed to take you step by step from where you are now to the door of Adepthood. But the work is dependent on you and you alone, for no one can ever tell you your "True Will" except "you"! In this, the Holy Order of the Golden is very different from many other groups who study the Western Mysteries.

If you are among the few who have a serious interest in spiritual growth, the use and development of your intuition, the study of Mystical Christianity, Qabalah, Egyptian Mysteries, philosophy, Tarot, Greek Mysteries, alchemy, astrology, astral travel, clairvoyance, and ritualaltar magic, then the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn may be right for you. In addition, our Order is looking to attract sincere people who are concerned about the development of society and the spiritual advancement of humankind.

The Holy Order of the Golden Dawn is a worldwide fraternity dedicated to preparing sincere people for true Adepthood. It is here that the Adept learns the "secrets" of listening and hearing that inner voice of Light called the "Higher Genius" or "Holy Guardian Angel." The Higher Genius is the True and Bornless you. It was reality before you were born, and it will be so after you die. It is timeless. Under the guidance of your own personal Higher Genius, you will learn the reason you are here, alive and in the flesh. This is your own True Will, and in the Golden Dawn tradition, this development is called the "Great Work".

7 Branch Candle Stick and ShewbreadOur purpose in the Golden Dawn is to help the student to develop a deeper reflection and inner connection to the Light of Truth. It is at this point that the student becomes aware of subtle laws and principles that govern the entire Universe. It is through initiation and Golden Dawn study that the initiate becomes the Adept and learns to awaken latent powers hidden within. This leads to spiritual success, and more; victory and success in every aspect of life.

Today, the Holy Order of the Golden brings you the Western Mystery Tradition and the ancient teachings from the Mystery Schools of yesteryear.

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